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Immediate impact of EDTs when Team Coaching

Dave Kesby interviews Tim Price, a team coach who until recently ran an internal coaching capability within a major global corporation. Tim shares his experience of applying the thinking of EDTs and IDTs into his...
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Challenges and Solutions to Performance Management in Extra-Dependent Teams

The challenge with performance management in EDTs is that line managers don’t witness their team members’ performance. To overcome this, managers typically gather feedback from others who do witness the performance. This indirect approach is...
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Teaming around a Common Practice rather than a Common Goal

One key distinction between an Extra-Dependent Team and an Inter-Dependent Team is that they collaborate around a common practice rather than a common goal. But what is the common practice? Here we introduce you to...
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Experience of an EDT Team Leader

On Lucia’s promotion she knew she would be leading an EDT. She embraced the difference between EDTs and IDTs, challenging the existing convention. Here, after several months into her role, she explains how it is...
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3 Ways People Think about Teams

People typically think about teams in 2 ways - Groups vs Teams. But such thinking blinds us to a 3rd way of thinking about teams. This video explains each way of thinking and how it...
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