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Introduction to Professional Coaching

This free 2-hour virtual workshop is an ideal entry point to appreciating what coaching is and why it’s so powerful.

The Need

You might be curious or keen to learn more about coaching. What are the essential skills? Is it as simple as it sounds and looks? What’s the mechanism behind the magic?

This Program

This Introduction to Coaching is an opportunity to learn what makes coaching conversations different and practice some powerful techniques that allow the magic to happen.


Coaching is powerful. It can change people’s lives within a single conversation – when done well. This introduction will provide a taste of what power you may have within you that you have yet to harness. It’s short enough to provide a taste and long enough to get an idea if you have what it takes to become a skilled coach.

  • Anyone curious about coaching

This will be an experiential process (much like coaching!) which will introduce some simple techniques to help you become more powerful – without knowing the answer!

  • Welcome
  • What makes a coaching conversation different?
  • Using power without knowledge
  • Practise session
  • Further development 
  • Q&A

The more you put in the more you will get out! You will:


  • Learn some simple techniques of coaching which can be really powerful during conversations
  • Learn what not to do when coaching
  • Practice some of these techniques through trying them out




2 Hour Session


15th April

13:30 – 15:30hrs CET


Dave Kesby. (LinkedIn Profile)