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Team Type Questionnaire

How does your team actually team?


Want to understand more about what's going on in your team?


This questionnaire is best used on line-management teams, but can be used for any team. If you are a line manager, you might use it to consider how you and your direct reports team. If you are line managed, you might also use this questionnaire to consider how you and your peers team with your line manager.

  • It will take 3 minutes to complete
  • Answer a series of questions about a specific team you are in
  • You will receive a score at the end and a generic report about the two types of teams
  • You use the score to understand which type of team you are in and what it might mean for you
  • The report will explain what might be going on in your team given your score and offers simple steps to improve teaming and performance
  • Feel free to schedule a call with us to help you interpret your score
  • You can use the questionnaire multiple times for different teams you are in


If you are ready to take the questionnaire, then start here

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