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Coaching Services

Want a Coach? Our coaches are experienced, qualified and professionally credentialed meaning you can trust them to provide the sort of coaching service that you and your organisation need - for leaders, for teams or for critical parts of your organisation.

Want a Coach?

OCH Coaching Services

A coach is a mirror to your soul. They show you the strengths you ignore and the discomforts you avoid. They shed new light on possibilities and uncertainties. They help you to play your best part with those around you. working with you 1:1, a a team or organisationally, we work with you to lead the difference you most care to make.

Leadership Coaching

  • Work with one of our experienced, qualified coaches

Team Coaching

  • An emergent, partnering process that can power team collaboration and performance

Organisational Coaching

  • We combine systemic team coaching with organisational development

Team Facilitation

  • We work with you to prepare for, run and review an important moment in your team work or development