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Group Supervision for Team Coaches

Team Coaching is the biggest growth area in coaching. It is much more complex and challenging than individual coaching and as such needs specialist team coaching supervision.

The Need

Team coaching is challenging. You'll be asking yourself lots of questions, wondering if there are better ways, having feeling about yourself and your practice. All this is normal because team coaching is so demanding and complex.

Our Service

Group Supervision for Team Coaches provides a space for reflection amongst peers, to rejuvenate, revitalise, stretch, develop and learn, from each other, the supervisor, and the group dynamic itself.


Group Supervision provides a learning vehicle that mirrors the complexity of teams. As such, the group environment brings to the fore issues that team coaches experience, but might not yet be fully aware of. This adds a whole new level of awareness and capability development that one-to-one supervision can’t provide.

A mix of group and individual supervision also mirrors team coaching providing both the richness of the whole group with intimate, sensitive work from flexible 1:1 supervision.

Dave Kesby has been coaching for 25 years and team coaching for over 10 years. He is an Ashridge accredited Supervisor, a PPC level team coach, and ICF authorised Supervisor. He is the author of the book “Extra-Dependent Teams” and works with techniques such as social identity theory, transactional analysis, communities of practice, gestalt, and other anthropological and psychological practices.

Supervision is for one year and is repeatable. It has two parts:


  • 6 x whole group supervision sessions of 3 hours
  • 4 x individual supervision sessions of 1 hour


In the first 3 months we run an “accelerator” where the group meets once per month, then reducing to once every 2 months. There is a gap over the summer months.

Individual supervision is scheduled individually and can match your individual needs between whole group sessions.

“Such an enlightening experience, exciting and exhausting in equal measure and delivering so much connection and learning”
Sian Fergusson – Team Coach

Please get in touch and have an initial conversation with us about what you experience. Perhaps this initial conversation is all that’s needed to make progress – we’d be delighted to help!

Whole Group Sessions

6 x 3hr whole group sessions

Individual Supervision

4 x individual supervision sessions flexible to suit your client work

Mirroring Team Coaching

Supervision process mirrors team coaching practices to provide rich vehicle for development