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Leadership Coaching

Coaching is the most effective method of developing leaders in organisations. When there isn't the internal coaching capability, or when an external partner is preferred, we offer high quality, credentialed, experienced coaching to support your leaders to lead well.

The Need

Being a leader isn't easy. It's a complex, constantly changing world where you can feel extra pressure to ensure everyone is led well.

Our Service

We provide person-centred coaching that helps leaders explore their hidden depths, allowing their authenticity to achieve agreed goals and aspirations, for themselves, their teams and their organisation.


Coaching is unique to each leader, their context and their organisation. Our coaching explores the most important issues confidentially, sensitively, to achieve agreed goals that work for the leader, the people they lead and their organisation.

Our external coaching is ideal for senior leaders and other leaders critical to the organisation being led well. Typically, people who we coach experience challenges which they don’t know how to solve. If the person themselves, and their organisation, are willing to invest in their coaching, we work with them to bring out their potential, connecting them with their wider organisation, and support them to lead well.
OCH Leadership Coaching works over many months and includes at least one key stakeholder who supports the coaching process.

  • Chemistry meeting – to confirm coach-match
  • 3-way meeting 1 – to agree goals and the way it will work
  • 3 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions – one-to-one and confidential
  • 3-way meeting 2 – to acknowledge progress and adjust if necessary
  • 3 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions – one-to-one and confidential
  • 3-way meeting 3 – to review progress against agreed goals and close the process

Stakeholder sponsors are typically line managers or other senior managers representing the organisation.
We respond to your aspirations and needs. You choose the topics, the goals, the pace, the challenges and the times. We bring our attention to you as a unique, experienced individual. Our skills are in working with you to navigate the complexity of organisations, leadership relations, and shaping an uncertain future. We travel with you to tackle topics at the point in time that moves you and your leadership forward.

Leadership Coaching at OCH isn’t just about the individual. Others should benefit as well.

  • People who experience your leadership feel they are led well
  • You take a step change in how you view yourself as a leader
  • The organisation benefits from new capabilities and potential

Do you have a need for internal coaches? An internal team of coaches can provide flexible, scalable coaching capabilities and reach parts of the organisation that external coaches can’t. We can run introduction programs and advanced coaching skills, including for leaders, professional coaches and team coaching capabilities.

Leadership Coaching

1:1 confidential development


On-line / in-person


3-6 months


Six 1:1 sessions
Three sessions with sponsor