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Our focus is providing coaching capabilities to organisations. We develop managers into coaching leaders, groups into teams and hierarchies into healthy human systems. We coach and we develop coaches.

Do you want A coach or do you want TO coach?

Do you want A coach? Or do you want TO coach?

Who we Serve

We serve organisations. Our clients want to lead well. We provide coaching services and coaching development programs that help them to lead well. Because we believe everyone deserves to be led well.

Want A Coach?

Our coaches enable your teams and leaders to go above and beyond. Where do you want them to take the organisation?

Want To Coach?

Our powerful learning programs are designed to be practical, experiential, and fulfilling. What coaching capability would you like within your organisation?

What will you do to learn more about Extra-Dependent Teams?

What we Offer


Coaching Want a Leadership Coach?
  • Work with an experienced, qualified coach
  • Realise more of your potential - be more of you
  • Add greater value to your organisation
  • Deepen your awareness
  • Build on improvements for yourself and for the people you lead


Team Coaching Want a Team Coach?
  • Realise the team's true purpose
  • Strengthen team spirit
  • Learn to use the best of your unique dynamics
  • Navigate organisational complexities and uncertainty
  • Deliver more organisational value


Coaching Team Leaders Want to Coach Teams?
  • Take your coaching to the team level
  • Gain an accreditation
  • Learn the core skills of coaching whole teams
  • Develop your team as you learn
Do you suffer from problems with teaming?

Why Us?

Effective Communication
Do you question whether your messages are being understood, if you are providing enough feedback, and if there is enough...
Team Motivation
Do you wonder if you are inspiring your team, fostering a positive work environment, and addressing any factors affecting motivation?
Decision Making
Do you question the accuracy of your decision-making and whether you are considering the best interests of both the team and the organisation?
Performance Management
Do you doubt your ability to identify and nurture the strengths of your team members, provide constructive feedback, and support individual growth?
Balancing Workload
Do you question whether you are effectively assigning tasks, ensuring a balanced workload, and addressing any concerns related to workload imbalances within the team?
Handling Conflict
Do you doubt your conflict resolution skills and whether you are managing interpersonal issues in a way that promotes a positive team dynamic?
Meeting Targets and Goals
Do you question whether the team is aligned with organisational goals, and if you are taking the necessary steps to achieve targets within set deadlines?
Employee Well-Being
Do you wonder if you are addressing factors that contribute to employee well-being, such as workload, stress, and work-life balance?
Adapting to Change
Do you question your ability to guide the team through transitions, communicate changes effectively, and maintain stability during periods of uncertainty?
Professional Development
Do you wonder if you are staying updated on industry trends, acquiring new skills, and actively seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth?
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We’ve worked with many different teams within many different organisations to overcome these and many more challenges affecting leaders and teams. How we help is by:

  • Carefully partnering with you to identify the real challenges you have and your true purpose
  • Achieving the change you need through our knowledge leadership, sensitive facilitation and deep experience in this field
  • Making things easier through our highly experienced, qualified coaches and facilitators who offer a full range of capabilities
  • Making learning and administration faster with our digital platform

In addition, our experience of teaming in organisations has let us discover something that is both obvious and yet original.

We differentiate Inter-Dependent and Extra-Dependent Teams.

Inter-Dependent Teams and Extra-Dependent Teams

Mostly people only think in terms of “group” vs “team”. But we find that this only solves half the problems in organisational teams. That’s because the membership of some teams is fundamentally different from other teams. And this matters because it means the dynamics are different; the team “glue” is different; and with it the leadership needs to be different.

If these two types of teams aren’t treated differently, by members, leaders and the organisation, teaming is always going to be difficult. Being clear on these two types of team can make all the difference to people being led well, and for leaders to lead more easily.

Watch these two 1-min videos and find more in Resources.

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Inter-Dependent Teams

“People working together to achieve a common goal”.

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Extra-Dependent Teams

“People learning together to develop a common practice”.

Want to make a difference?

Where to Start

We are continually adding FREE resources to our site. If you’re being coached, or if you’re learning to coach, these resources provide the sort of depth and immediate access you’re looking for.


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