Is leadership only about leaders?

Everyone deserves to be led well

Our focus is developing coaching capabilities within organisations. We develop managers into coaching leaders, groups into teams and hierarchies into healthy human systems.

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Why OCH?

“Everyone deserves to be led well."

The coaching marketplace is full of very talented people. Typically the best leaders in organisations learn coaching and love it so much, they leave to become coaches. This isn't all bad, but we believe that those good enough to leave are the ones organisations really need to stay. We believe everyone deserves to be led well. That means when the best leaders learn to coach, they stay within their organisations, leading well, bringing out the best in the people they lead and helping to make organisations places for people to thrive.

Organisational Coaching Hub's focus is therefore on building coaching capability within organisations so that it remains within those organisations, feeding and strengthening the organisation such that the people in it feel better for being there and customers feel the benefit of the stronger workforce.

Coaching is the most effective way of developing leaders.

We are qualified, accredited coaches; provided in-person and virtually.

A coaching style of leadership brings out the best in people.

We have developed coaching skills in leaders for over 20 years.

Teams are the human glue in organisations.

Organisational teams are our specialism. IDTs and EDTs provide new answers to age-old problems.

Two Ways of Effective Teaming in Organisations

Inter-Dependent Teams

“People working together to achieve a common goal”.

We utilise best practice on teams to help them achieve great results – it’s about combining differences.

Extra-Dependent Teams

“People learning together to develop a common practice”. 

We address many team challenges by using our deep experience of communities of practice – it’s about combining similarities.

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Check your team type

1 Min To find out ...
  • If your team is an IDT or EDT
  • Perception vs Reality
  • Early signs of problems
  • What it could mean
  • Easy steps for teaming

EDT e-learning

10 Mins To learn about ...
  • What makes IDTs and EDTs different
  • Where to find them in organisations
  • Why the difference matters
  • What it means for you

EDT community

1 Hour Meet on SpatialChat ...
  • Discuss EDTs
  • Explore team challenges
  • Ask questions
  • Share experience
  • Join the community

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