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Team Coaching

Team Coaching is our differentiator. We have 10+ years team coaching experience along with ground-breaking research into how teams behave within organisations. At OCH we don't treat all teams the same, and we don't follow a prescribed formula for diagnosing teams. We meet your team where it's at and take it from there to where it needs to get to.

The Need

A two-day off-site just isn't enough to address deeper questions of the team. Team building exercises are fun, but don't get to the real issues. It's not about one person. It's about how you collaborate as a team.

Our Service

Our team coaching solution works with the whole team, and key stakeholders, to discover and develop how the team needs to collaborate to create strategic value.


Team coaching is the fastest growing area of coaching because teaming is increasingly important in complex organisations at the cutting edge of their industry. Both new and existing teams are challenged by an array of agendas, demands, dynamics and aspirations, finding it difficult to be clear on purpose, membership, decision making, and performance. This is where team coaching helps.

Initially we are likely to work with the team leader to help create the conditions ripe for coaching the team as a whole.

We then switch to coaching the team, where the leader is a member. We then provide coaching in a number of ways in parallel:

  • Coaching the team as a whole during development sessions
  • Coaching each member individually in service of the team
  • Live-action coaching of the team during work meetings
  • Working with stakeholders in service of the team

We partner with the team throughout so you never lose control.
We use our 4Cs process which we use at the program level and also for each individual session:

  • Connecting – with the team, with the process, with the purpose
  • Considering – the questions, the tensions, the agendas of the team and their stakeholders
  • Changing – the assumptions, the awareness, the options, the methods, and the results
  • Closing – the team coaching work so the team is self-sustaining

It takes time to discover the deeper elements that prevent the team realising its true potential. The process takes several months because the symptoms are not the causes that need to change for team sustainability.

Team Coaching always requires work to position and ready the team. It helps to know that a first conversation with OCH is non-committing, but will help you to understand what’s involved and how it might work for your team, in your organisation.

We’ve worked with teams in multiple industries, including, but not limited to:

  • Global Technology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing

Team Challenges

Confusing roles & purpose
Team conflict
Challenges with team stakeholders
Just not working and don’t know why

Types of Teams

Critical Teams
Strategic Leadership Teams
Teams of Specialists

Areas Covered

Team purpose and roles
Team dynamics
Interaction with stakeholders
Collaborative learning
Strategic value


4-6 months

Delivery Methods

In-Person and/or Remote (Zoom, Teams, etc)
Resource materials
One-on-one team coaching
Whole team coaching