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Team Facilitation

Not all teams need coaching. Sometimes there is a need for someone to manage the process for a team or working group that allows it to reach a decision or other outcome. This is our facilitation service.

The Need

A decision needs to be reached on a topic that requires both sensitivity and tenacity. There is too much bias (actual or perceived) for this important decision to be made well without external facilitation.

Our Service

We provide external facilitation of such meeting processes, bringing independence, experience, balance and creativity to the process. This frees up everyone in the meeting to contribute to solving the problem. Together we make progress.


In this world of information and complexity, it is difficult to hear everyone’s point of view on a topic before a decision needs to be reached. Facilitation holds the process of a meeting allowing everyone else the ability to contribute to the discussion. Tough topics can be addressed, assumptions can be unearthed, sensitivities can be acknowledged and decisions can be made in time.

We facilitate specific events where unique combinations of people come together, or existing teams working through important decisions. Facilitation is a powerful intervention that can create the breakthrough needed. We work with the key stakeholders involved before, during and after an event.

Our facilitation will typically follow a simple three-step process:

  • Preparation – Meeting with key stakeholders to understand the purpose, intent, range of factors and points of view and to develop a simple structure to the session(s) that needs facilitation
  • Session(s) – Whilst working to the structure, we facilitate in the moment to encourage, stretch, channel and challenge the group or team to achieve agreement. Quiet voices are heard, divergent points of view are incorporated, options are generated, sound decisions are made and key objectives achieved.
  • Review – A review afterwards helps deepen important learning, whilst also recognising and strengthening what made progress possible so that it can be embedded in the team or organisation.

If you feel that facilitation is the solution to your problem, please get in touch to discuss and explore how it might work for you.

We’ve facilitated various different team and group events:

  • Scenario planning for strategy teams
  • Issue identification with multiple stakeholders
  • Diagnostic focus groups
  • Team purpose clarification

Facilitation is a core skill for organisational leadership. It’s not as complex as team coaching. We run in-house programs that provide core and advanced levels of facilitation to leaders and other organisational people. Facilitators can be the catalyst that brings out the best in your people, meetings and decisions – without having a point of view of what the answer should be.


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One off events/periods